Laboucan Family History





1 Joseph B. LAFOURNAIS born 1777 in Montreal, (his Grandfather was Mathurin Aubin FOURNAISE dit LABOUCANE born March 3, 1743/44 in Joliette, Lavaltrie and his Great Grandfather was Francois FOURNAISE born in 1708 Toulouse, Languedoc, France), married,

+  Suzanne LECLERC born circa 1786.

2 Jean Baptiste Joseph LAFOURNAISE, born in 1815 Red River Settlement, died Smokey River, AB, married,
+  Marguerite GOSSELIN, born 1819 Red River and died Nov. 8, 1887 in Duhamel, AB. Her parents were Marguerite Native and Michel Gosselin Fr. Cdn.

3 Guillaume LABOUCANE born 1835 White Horse Plains, St. Boniface, Red River Settlement.. In 1878 Guillaume, his brothers Jean Baptise, Gabriel, Jerome, Pierre, Elzear along with their large families, mother and 2 sisters moved to the Battle River, Alberta area known as the Laboucane Settlement and later renamed Duhamel, married,

+  Caroline Gariepy born 1844, her father was Francois Gariepy and mother Louise Glady.

4 William John LABOUCAN, born 1880, married Mary Todd after 1907, their homestead NE 2-58-10-W4 west of St. Paul, AB. Died in 1955 and is buried in the Old St. Paul Catholic Cemetery.

+   Mary/Marie TODD, born 1886, Fort Pitt, SK, daughter of William Todd III and Marie Dufresne. They had five children - Bella, Jim "died young, by a horse", Irene HAMELIN, Lucy GAGNE, and Emily COOKNELL,  Godparents to nephew Robert Bob Todd son of her brother James Todd and Caroline Laframboise, my grandparents.


mary todd 


back row : Marguerite House/Howse, (half-sister), Irene and Bella (daughters),
front row: Blanche Laboucane (niece - daughter of Isabella Todd and Jules Laboucane) Lucy (daughter) Mary Todd Laboucane seated, and Emily (daughter)


  Mary Todd and William Laboucane

Jules LABOUCANE, born circa 1880, married in 1911, the brother of William John LABOUCANE who married his wife's sister Mary Todd. Their homestead was at NE 4-57-10-W4, near St. Paul - AB Scrip Cert: Form D, no. 1968. John and Jules were well known ranchers in the early days of St. Paul. They raised large numbers of cattle and horses to sell to the settlers.


+   Isabella TODD, born 1889 in Manitoba, baptized at Onion Lake. During the 1901 Census she was 11 yrs. old living near the town of Lafond with her step-father James HOUSE/HOWSE and her mother, Marie Dufresne Todd. During the 1906 Census she was Bella HOWSE living in the same location.  Scrip Cert: Form D, no. 1968.  She died by a lightening strike after 1911.  Their daughter Blanche LABOUCANE married Louis GARNEAU. My great aunt

In 1897 more family members moved to St. Paul des Metis from Duhamel Settlement (formerly known as the Laboucane Settlement) and began to farm and ranch the land east of the mission.  From the Land Records: "Homesteaders who filed for homesteads before and after April 10, 1909  - were Alfred, George, Jerome, and St. Pierre Laboucane."  (Source: Saint Paul des Metis 1909 to St. Paul 1979 - A Pictorial History of St. Paul and District)
St. Pierre LABOUCANE, b. 1846, White Horse Plains, RRS, Roman Catholic, Freighter, d. July 7, 1919 St. Paul, AB. Married Nov. 9, 1880.


+   Marie Rose ROSS, b. August 1856/58/61in Que' Applle, SK, RC, d. 1948 or 49 St. Paul, AB. (her father was John ROSS born 1832 White Plains, Manitoba, her Grandfather was Hugh Louis ROSS born 1793 Scotland - her G Grandmother was Sarah SHORT born 1795 and Sarah’s father was James SHORT born 1767 Orkney Islands, Scotland. James SHORT was married to Elizabeth SAULTEAUX, Indian.) Marie’s mother was Marguerite GRANT daughter of Cuthbert James GRANT Jr., Metis, born in 1793 Fort Tremblante and Marie Marguerite MCGILLIS. Cuthbert James GRANT, Sr. was born in 1752 Cromdale, Strathspey, Scotland and he married Utinawasis, Indian.) 

Their children:

Alfred LABOUCANE b: December 22, 1884 in Duhamel, Alberta.

+   Mary RIDSDALE b: May 19, 1884 in Stoney Plain.  Alfred and Mary Risdale, daughter of Thomas Ridsdale and Elise Beauregard married on January 2nd, 1905 in St Paul des Metis and had 13 children.  Alfred died in April 1, 1954 and Mary died August 1961 in St. Paul, AB.


George LABOUCANE b. about 1884

Jerome LABOUCANE b. about 1886

Enouch LABOUCANE b. Mar 23, 1890 Duhamel, Alberta

Samuel Wilfred LABOUCANE b. Oct. 31, 1891 Duhamel, Alberta

Laura LABOUCANE b. Mar 24, 1893 Duhamel, Alberta

Marie Anne LABOUCANE b. 1897 Duck Lake, Alberta

John Joseph Josue LABOUCANE b. Aug 23, 1903 in Lac La Biche, Alberta

+   Grace LAWFORD b. July 29, 1906 in Pakan, Alberta d:  December 16, 1994 in St. Paul, Alberta, Father: Charles Arthur Henry Lawford, Mother: Alice Smith, Children: Terry Laboucane.



District No. 197 S. District 17 Battle River  - Enumerated  6 of April, 1891 

name, sex, age, status, relation to head of family,  place born,  French Canadian,  place father born, place mother born, religion, occupation.     
spelling errors by Census Taker:
          Family 129
Lubican, Pierre M 45  M  —  N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.    R.C. Freighter— — — b.1846
Mary R.           F 35   M  W  N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.    R.C. — —  — b. 1856
Zail                  M  1 —  S    N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.     R.C. — —  — b. 1890
Fio.                  M 3 —  S    N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.     R.C. — —  — b. 1888
Jerome             M 5 —  S    N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.     R.C. —  — — b. 1886
Mary R.           F   6 — D    N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.     R.C. —  — — b. 1885
George             M 7 — S     N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.    R.C. — — —  b. 1884
Hanni.              M 10 —S    N.W.T. — N.W.T.   N.W.T.     R.C. —  — — b. 1881 


From: Habit St. Paul by E. O'Neil Drouin

Some twenty years ago, stretches of this deep-rutted Saddle Lake Trail could be still be seen in the Fathers' Pasture behind the rectory and in Jim and John Laboucan's yard south of the banks of the area uncharitably called "Moccasin Flats".

45.  The Saddle Lake - Battleford Trail crossed the yard of Mr. Jules and John Laboucane.

Part  Section  Township   Range  Meridian

     SW     31         56            8          W4
Alfred Laboucane

Pt  SW     14         58            8          W4

Jerome Laboucane St Pierre Laboucane

      SW      1         57         10           W4

Mary A Laboucane

      NE       8         57          10          W4

Mary Ann Norris Daniel Laboucane the late

      NE       2         58          10          W4

William John Laboucane

     NW       1         58            9          W4

George Laboucane

     SW       1         58            9          W4

Alfred Laboucane

Pt  NE        2        58             9           W4

 Jerome Laboucane

       SE      2        58             9           W4

St Pierre Laboucane

      SW    14        58             9           W4

Frederick Laboucane

     SW     16        57           10           W4

Mary Ann Laboucan J B Laboucan

S1/2 of SE 23      58            10          W4

Dionne Laboucan


  Both headstones at Old St. Paul, AB Catholic Cemetery

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From:   "The Battle River Country - An Historical Sketch of Duhamel & District"

Chapter Two - Laboucane Settlement
editor: J.R. Stan Hambly
New Norway, Alta. : Duhamel Historical Society, 1974.


We are sorry to say that much of the early history of the old Labaoucane Settlement has been lost.  We are aware, however, that before the Laboucanes came to the community early in the 1880's, the Indians called the fording place at the Battle River, 'Notikiwin Seppe', the Indian translation for Battle River.  However, despite the fact that we cannot record accurately the history of this old trading post, we do possess certain facts about the early settlement at Old Duhamel, or its environs.


...The name, Dumont, is well known in western Canada, as Gabriel Dumont took an active part along with Louis Riel in the Riel Rebellion of 1885.  While many historians are inclined to the opinion that Francois Dumont and Gabriel Dumont were not in any way related, we do have on good authority from Dolphus Campion who married a daughter of Pascal and who now resides in Tofield at the good old age of 89, that Francois and Gabriel were brothers.  If the relationship was not this close, then definitely a blood tie between the two.  ... Among the first and probably the first settler to come to the Laboucane Settlement was the Dumont family.  In 1875 the Dumonts moved from Lac St. Anne to Battle River. They settled on the property now owned by Irene May (Congdon) Scheie, River Lot 46, but virgin territory in those days.  The first year after they came to the settlement, the Federal Government paid out the first treaty money to the Indians and Francois was appointed the agent to do this job in the area later known as the Laboucane Settlement and still later, as the Old Duhamel Settlement.  He made his headquarters at Tail Creek near Buffalo Lake, but returned to the Battle River Settlement the following year.

In the 1930's Mr. John Congdon found on the Dumont place, an old, rather primitive looking and roughly made eight inch plow bottom which when shown to Pascal Dumont, the son of Francois, was recognized as part of his father's first plow.  The plow bottom which is now in the Museum of the Historical Society in Camrose has an interesting history.  The Catholic Mission at St. Albert was the first of its kind in Alberta although Protestant missions had been established prior to that.  Francois Dumont made the trip, using Red River Carts, bringing back from Winnipeg the first priests to establish the St. Albert Mission.  He also brought back with him the plow which he used on his farm at Lac St. Anne. After using a hoe and spade to work his garden and fields at Duhamel, Francois decided that the plow would save much back-breaking labour.  So Francoise Dumont journeyed back to Lac St. Anne returning with the plow and yoke of oxen.  It was in this manner that agriculture in what is now the (read below)