SOURCES: Gordon Costello, historian/author (1919-2004), Hudson Bay Company Archives, Federal Archives, Provincial Archives, Glenbow Archives, Local History Books, Genealogical Societies, Libraries, Genealogy of the First Metis Nations, Gail Morin's Databases, Charles Denney Papers, Newspaper Articles from Archives, Museums.

GENERATION 1 - William Ernest Todd


1 Dr. William, Ernest TODD was born 1782/84, Irish, worked as a Surgeon in the British Royal Navy 1811-1815 and as Surgeon and Fur Trader with the Hudson Bay Company in Canada 1816-1851, died Dec. 22, 1851 at his homestead in St. James, Manitoba. Ref: RRS #469, Charles Denney Genealogy Collection No. 446,000 (Glenbow Museum).


+ Marianne BALLANTYNE married 'in the custom of the country' in York Factory, died between 1830-35 at York Factory.

One source says she is the daughter of Sophia BALLENTYNE. Another source that she was Marianne TRUETTE a French/Swiss woman who immigrated with her parents. The ship they came over on was the Lord Wellington on May 1821, which departed from London to Holland to pickup the immigrating Swiss Settlers to Red River Settlement, with Dr. William on board accompanying them. Marianne TRUETTE, born 1804/5, daughter of Pierre and Catherine TRUETTE from Kirnbach, Baden, Germany. Source: Bulger Papers, (volume II, pages 172-178) and a Journal by Paul Reynberger in the Canadian Archives.


+ Elizabeth Isabella DENNET(T) DUNNETT (var. spell), Metis, born 1804 at York Factory, 2nd wife, married Dr. Todd in St. John's Anglican Church by Rev. William Cochrane on Aug. 20, 1839. She was buried March 4, 1845. Her parents were Sophia BALLANTYNE, Metis, and William DENNETT, Scottish.


+ Sarah JOHNSON, Metis, 3rd wife, married Sept. 17, 1849 at St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Red River Settlement. She had two more sons Albert TODD b. 1847, d. 1892, of Mapleton, MB and Samuel TODD b. Feb 1, 1850 d. 1864 and was buried at St. John's, MB.

After Dr. William Todd's death in 1851 she married Martin JENSEN, a Norwegian and had a daughter, Sarah Ann JENSEN born April 1, 1865. Sarah died in 1868-9.


2 Marianne TODD born Dec. 1822 York Factory, lived 4 months, died Mar. 16, 1823 York Factory from St. John's Anglican Church Registry.


2 Anne TODD, Metis, birth date unknown, baptized June 8, 1830, residence Brandon House MB, buried May 8, 1844. In a notation in a family bible belonging to a descendant of James Todd it says: "Anne was not born of Elizabeth." and on her birth certificate it says 'Half Breed Woman' for mother's name. The Hudson Bay Company Work Record for Dr. William Todd, states that 'Marianne' was her mother.


2 William TODD Jr. birthdate unknown, baptized Sept. 7, 1823, residence York Factory, died July 18, 1870/71, Mapleton, MB. Son of Marianne. RRS #4958.

+ Sarah Jane JOHNSTONE, Metis, 1st Wife, born 1820-30's, married August 16, 1849 at St Andrew's Anglican, died before 1868.

+ Fanny Anne HOURIE/HENRY, Metis, 2nd wife, born Aug. 12, 1842. She married William Todd Jr. on Aug. 27, 1868 St. Clements Anglican Church, Mapleton, RRS, age 25. Their daughter, Mary Jane, was born 1870, baptized at St. Clements in Mapleton Nov. 27 1870 and died 1877. Fanny's mother was Jessie Janet Jane Dennet the sister of Isabella Dennet. Her father was John Hourie, a Farmer.

3 Isabella (Belle) TODD, Metis, b.1852 in BC. 1885 Scrip #1218, C-14942. Mother was Sarah Jane JOHNSTONE
+ William SINCLAIR 1st Husband, m.1867 or 68 at White Fish Lake he d. 1875 - his mother Marguerite Sinclair (Metis) and his father Benjamin Sinclair (Metis).
+ George SPENCE, Metis, 2nd husband, m.1876 lived in Victoria Mission, Pakan, Alberta.
3 Elizabeth TODD b.1855. Mother was Sarah Jane JOHNSTONE
3 Fanny TODD b. Jan. 5, 1857 in NWT, July 1876 she was granted land in St. Clements, buried St. Clements, MB. Mother was Sarah Jane JOHNSTONE
3 Donald TODD b. Aug. 4, 1855 in NWT. Mother was Sarah Jane JOHNSTONE

3 William James S. TODD, Metis, b. Jan. 15, 1853 in St. Clements, Manitoba. The 1891 Census shows his address as Fort Pitt, SK, occupation Hudson Bay servant. He died 1892 or 1895 (two records conflict) and is buried in the Catholic Mission Cemetery in St. Albert, AB. Son of Sarah Jane JOHNSTONE and William TODD Jr. RRS #4961, Scrip Cert. 2055.
+ Marie/Mary DUFRESNE, Metis, b.1865 in Saskatchewan. 1881 Census shows her as a Teacher, her birthdate as 1867 (1865 for the 1891 Census), her birthplace: NWT, age: 16, Married, ethnic origin: French, family head: William Todd, religion: Roman Catholic, census place: Battleford Territories, NWT. In 1884 Marie/Mary and William were living in Bresaylor, Saskatchewan. In the spring of 1885, while living in Fort Pitt, SK, they were taken prisoner along with her parents and siblings to the camp of Big Bear during the Riel Rebellion and under force were moved about the countryside from April - June of 1885. Fort Pitt was their residence location during the 1891 Census. After William Todd's death in 1895, the Census for Alberta 1901 an 1906 reports she had re-married to James HOUSE/HOWSE and they were living on a farm near Lafond, Alberta 11 miles south of St. Paul, AB at SW 30-T 56-R 10-W4. She had five more children Norman b.1898, Margaret Marie b.1900, Corinne b.1901, Blanche b.1903, and Caroline b.1905 d.1905. Mary died May 2, 1945 and she and husband James HOUSE/HOWSE are both buried at Frog Lake Cemetery, Heinsburg, Alberta.

4 Joseph TODD, Metis, b.1876/78, d. 1950. Buried in Vermilion River Cemetary, AB

4 Ellen TODD, Metis, b.1884, Bresaylor SK, d.1886 Fort Pitt, SK. Claim 2051.

4 Mary/Marie TODD, Metis, b.1886, Fort Pitt SK. During the 1901 Census she was 14 years living near the town of Lafond with step-father James HOUSE/HOWSE and her mother, Marie Dufresne Todd House. Scrip Cert: Form D, #1962.
+ William John LABOUCAN(E), Metis, b. 1880, married after 1907. In 1907 Marie Todd and William became Godparents to Robert Todd, her brother James Todd's son. William died in 1955. They farmed near St. Paul, AB - NE 2-58-10-4. Homestead registered March 23, 1909 in St. Paul.

5 Jim LABOUCAN "died young, by a horse"
5 Lucy GAGNE
5 Emily COOKNELL d. June 4, 2012

4 Isabelle (Belle or Bella) TODD, Metis, b.1889 in Manitoba, baptized at Onion Lake. During the 1901 Census she was 11 yrs old living near the town of Lafond with her step-father James HOUSE/HOWSE and her mother, Marie Dufresne. During the 1906 Census she was named Bella HOWSE living in the same location. Scrip Cert: Form D, no. 1968. She died by a lightening strike after 1911. Homesteadland Maps
+ Jules LABOUCAN, Metis, m. 1911 lived in St. Paul, AB.

5 Blanche LABOUCAN


4 William Pierre TODD, Metis, b.1890 d.1890 at Onion Lake, AB
4 Norman HOUSE/HOWSE, Metis, b.1898 in Alberta, 3 years old living in the Saddle Lake district/Lafond during the 1901 Alberta Census with his Father: James HOWSE/ HOUSE, Mother Marie DUFRESNE/TODD. Scrip Cert.Form D, no 1972.
4 Margaret Marie HOUSE/HOWSE, Metis, b.1900. living in the Saddle Lake district/Lafond area during 1901 Census. Father: James HOUSE/HOWSE, Mother, Marie DUFRESNE/TODD. Scrip Cert. Form D, no. 1970.
4 Corrine HOUSE/HOWSE, Metis, b.1901.
4 Blanche HOUSE/HOWSE, Metis, b.1903
4 Caroline HOUSE/HOWSE, Metis, b. Oct. 9, 1905, died 8 days old, buried St. Paul RC Cemetery.

4 James Robert TODD, Metis, born May 3, 1882 at Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan. He married Caroline Laframboise before 1903. Three of their farms include one near St. Paul, one near the town of Two Hills on the Vermillion River and the last one before he retired to Rossdale in Edmonton near the town of Deville on Hastings Lake near South Cooking Lake Alberta. James died Oct. 22, 1967, in Rossdale Flats, Edmonton and is buried beside his wife Caroline Laframboise and several of their sons at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery on the St. Albert Trail. Scrip Cert. Form E, #1346, Claim 2049 and Scrip Cert. form D #1964 for $40.00.

+ Caroline LAFRAMBOISE, Metis, born 1887 in N.W.T. Married before 1903. Died Sept. 9, 1964. The 1891 Census records shows the family ranching cattle near Nisku AB. Their religion at that time was Methodist. She had two sisters: Maggie (Margaret) born 1888, died at age 33, a sister Flora born 1895, a brother William born 1886. Her parents were Isabel CARDINAL(Isabel's mother was Marguerite DESJARLAIS and father St-Luc CARDINAL). In 1909 they bought land in St. Paul, Alberta. Homestead Maps James and Caroline are buried at the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, St. Albert, Alberta . Henderson's Directory

5 Louie TODD born Oct 24, 1903 and died Oct 21, 1981 in Victoria, BC.
+ Myrtle Theresa TOUGH GLADUE born Sep 7, 1910 and died Dec 17, 1997 in Victoria, BC. She was raised on a farm near Hastings Lake, Deville, AB. Myrtle's mother was Margaret GLADUE from the Hastings Creek/Hastings Lake, AB. Her father was Scotty Tough, born in Scotland.

6 Viola Myrtle TODD b. April 2, 1928
6 Theresa Clara(Terry) TODD b. Feb. 27, 1930
+ David Grant ROBINSON
6 William James Louis TODD b. Jan. 4, 1932
+ Baroness Tendaante Toeneltenel (Corrie)
6 Alan Roderick TODD b. June 18, 1934
6 Keith Gordon Joseph TODD b. June 13, 1936
+ Carole Joan EFFA
6 Dennis Robert TODD b. March 28, 1943
+ Glynis THOMAS
+ Margaret Helena PORTER
6 Jean Charlotte TODD b. Oct. 21, 1944
+ Graham GRAVES

5 Alice Patricia TODD b. March 18, 1906, she was baptized at St. Paul RC Church and the Godparents were Annie Poitras and Louis Beauregard. In 1952 Alice was working as a clerk at Hudson Optical residence: 9748 - 100 St.
+ Ivan Walter COWDEN

6 Patsy COWDEN, moved to Eastern Canada

7 Julie

6 Stanley COWDEN b.1923

5 Robert (Bob) James TODD b. March 25, 1907. He was baptized at St. Paul RC Church and the Godparents were William Laboucane and Marie Todd.

6 Tommy TODD
6 Gilbert TODD
6 Alfie TODD

5 Marguerite/Margaret TODD b. Sept. 4, 1908 baptized by Rev. Jean-Marie Dupe at St. Paul RC Parish Church, her Godparents were Theodore Poitras and Margaret Laframboise.
5 William Willie TODD b. December 1909
5 Alex TODD b. January 1911
5 Ernest George TODD, Metis, b. March 16, 1912 in St. Paul, AB, died December 1, 1972 and is buried Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery on the St. Albert Trail in Alberta.
Myrtle Judy SHARPE, English, b. March 26, 1929 in Calgary, AB, married E. George Todd on May 22, 1947. She died November 15, 1997. Her mother was Florence May Sharpe b. Oct. 6, 1909, Durham, England, her father John Jack Martin was born in Perth, ON.

6 Garry James TODD b.1948

7 Patricia
7 Lee
7 Zoe
7 Alia

6 Sandra Margaret TODD b.1951

7 Tracy
7 Savanna

6 Donald Brent TODD b.1952

7 Dustin
7 Anisa
7 Bayan Bangi

6 Carol Marie TODD b.1954 baptized at St. Michaels RC Parish in Leduc, Alberta

7 Robin

6 Loretta TODD

7 Kamala

6 Barbara Georgina TODD

7 Sarah
7 Jordyn
7 Ben

6 Randy Paul TODD b.1963

7 Jonathan

6 Mark Lloyd TODD b.1966

7 Calvin
7 Kelsey

5 Percy Joseph Leslie Lawrence TODD b. March 2, 1914 in St. Paul, baptized at St. Paul RC Parish, his Godparents were Joseph Daigneault and Josephine McKenzie. He married Feb. 1940, in 1949 working as a fireman for the CPR in Edmonton, farmed in McLennan AB until 1950 then moved to Calgary, died in 1957.
+ Dorothy Marion MILLIS

6 Barbara TODD b. March 3, 1946
6 Bruce TODD b. Dec. 28, 1948
6 Doug TODD b. Aug. 18, 1951

5 Ervin Harvey TODD b.1915
+ Helen TODD
5 Donald David Francis Frank TODD b. Dec. 18, 1917, d. 1970. Baptized at St. Paul RC Parish, his Godparents were Francois Daignault and Elizabeth Donald.
5 Malvina Marie Bella Bessie Elizabeth TODD b. Feb. 27, 1920. Baptized at St. Paul RC Parish, Godparents were Louis Garneau and Elisabeth Lavallee. Married 1939.
+ Thomas DORAN

    6 Thomas DORAN was a professional musician, drummer, with the Tommy Banks Band.

        7 Leila

        7 Sara

        7 Tom  

    6 Brian DORAN

        7 Jeffery

        7 Tracy

    6 Terry DORAN

+ Irwin TOEWS - they lived in Campbell River, BC., died 2010.
5 Orville Victor Vincent Micky TODD b.1925, d.1995 buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, St. Albert.

6 Charlotte TODD SMITH

5 James Jimmy TODD born 1926, he died in a fire on the farm at an early age.
5 Thelma Viola TODD born 1927 and died 2000 Edmonton, AB.

6 Patty
6 Billy
6 Kerry
6 Rachel
6 Leslie
6 Kevin
6 Jason

5 Gerald Gordon TODD born 1930, a professional Figure Skater in the "Ice Cycles" and a Skating Instructor, he died Oct. 20, 1975, and is buried beside James and Caroline Todd at Holy Cross Cemetery, St. Albert.


2 James TODD, born June 25, 1825 in Manitoba, baptised August 21, 1825 stating Isabella Dunnet as his mother and took place at St. John's Cathedral by Rev. William Cockran. He lived in St. Francois Xavier, RRS, and apprenticed as Postmaster in Athabasca 1842-52. Between 1858-72 he was the Postmaster at Cumberland House, 1873-83 Postmaster, Clerk at Big Trout Lake, Severn District. The 1881 Canadian Census states his occupation was Clerk with the Hudson Bay Co., married, Indigenous, religion: Church of England, census location was York Factory, NWT. He died Jan.13, 1887. RRS #4959, 1885 Script #1643 C-14942. Scrip Ref. from National Archives states Elizabeth Dennett is his mother.
+ Josephine DESLAURIERS, Metis, born 1836, married 1852 St. Boniface, RRS, and died Dec. 31, 1905, buried St. Francois Xavier. The 1881 Canadian Census states birthdate as 1836 in Manitoba, age 46, married, ethnic origin: Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location was York Factory, NWT.

3 Elizabeth TODD b.1853 d.1853

3 William TODD b.1855 educated at St. Boniface College moved west to Saskatchewan or Alberta

3 James TODD b.1855, according to the 1881 Canadian Census he was born: Missouri Territory USA, age: 26, ethnic origin: Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location: York Factory, NWT.

3 Norbert TODD b.1857, according to the 1881 Canadian Census he was born: Missouri Territory USA, occupation: Servant and Joiner at Hudson Bay Co., ethnic origin: Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location:York Factory, NWT. He worked 10 years as Servant Winterer Joiner, 1884 he was Freeman (Free Trader). 1891 Listgar Census listed as Teacher. 188 Scrip # 1640.
+ Josephine MORIN b. 1869 lived in St. Boniface, MB

4 William Ernest TODD b.1888 m. Oct. 21, 1921 in Winnipeg, MB
+ Barbara TAIT

5 James TODD
+ Evelyn KOSMUK

6 James TODD

4 Mary Jane TODD b.1891, from 1891 Listgar Census
4 Alfred TODD b.1877, the 1891 Listgar Census notes him as a Labourer.

3 James TODD b.1861 d.1867

3 Peter TODD b. Oct. 1863, according to the 1881 Canadian Census he was born in the Missouri Territory USA, ethnic origin: Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location was York Factory, NWT. He farmed in Starbuck, MB with his brother Gilbert. He died March 31, 1908 and was buried St. Francis Xavier. 1885 Scrip #1676
+ Mary Jane MORIN, 11 children, b.1873 - d.1958, buried Stonewall, MB.

4 Antoine F. TODD b.1891
4 Arthur TODD b.1890-91
4 James William TODD b.1891 d.1969
4 Alice Laura TODD b.1894 d.1990
+ Joe Llewellyn Duncan Peter MCDOUGALL b.1915 d.1992
4 Rose Anna Rosina TODD b.1895 d.1983
+ Charles John FRANZEN

5 Charles Reginald William FRANZEN
+ Valeda Colter
5 Lyn Ernest Oscar FRANZEN passed away as a young child
5 Kenneth Francis Lucien FRANZEN
+ Lavina Wieler

6 Kenneth Wayne FRANZEN
6 Brenda Marie FRANZEN
6 Danial Raymond FRANZEN
6 Larry Charles FRANZEN

5 Dorothy Ida FRANZEN
+ Charles Peter BRESSER

6 Marlene Joan
6 William Peter
6 Diane Louise

4 Marie Josephine Lena TODD b.1889 d.1973

5 Gordon COSTELLO (author of a book “William Todd M.D. 1784-1851 Chief Trader Hudson’s Bay Company”)

6 Douglas PHIPPS

4 Peter Ernest TODD b.1899 d.1978
4 Louis Adelarde TODD b.1901 d.1949
4 Gabriel Lucien TODD b.1902 d.1972
4 Albert b.1904 d.199?
4 Agnes Florence Ida TODD GRIER b.1906 d.1980
4 Mary Victorine Teeny TODD b.1908 d.1926

3 Gilbert TODD b. Nov.13, 1865, according to the 1881 Canadian Census he was born: Missouri Territory USA, ethnic origin Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location: York Factory, NWT. He lived at the Pas and St. Francis Xavier and later homesteaded near Buffalo Lake west of Chatfield. He died Nov.1, 1938 in Ellie, MB. 885 Scrip #1644 C-14942
+ Cleophe LAVALIER b.1872, d.1948, m. Jan. 8, 1895 daughter of Pierre Lavalee and Marie Plante

4 Alfred Angus Edward TODD
+ Teresa Loretta McGREEVY

5 Margaret Evelyn TODD
+ Norman Seldon EMMETT
5 Ronald Edward TODD b. Oct. 1928 d. Oct. 1928
5 Beatrice Mary TODD b. Nov. 1929 d. Sep. 1951
+ Rudolph Edward HARTL
5 Dorothy Maude TODD b. Feb. 23, 1932 in Starbuck, MB

+ George BLUE

6 Barbara Joan BLUE b. Sep. 21, 1959
6 Allen George BLUE b. Jun. 15, 1967

5 Teresa Marie May TODD
+ William Gerard RODDEN
5 Geraldine Ann TODD b. Jul. 1934 d. Sep. 1934

5 Catherine Elaine TODD b. Oct. 3, 1936 in Starbuck, MB, never married.

5 Lucille Joan TODD b. Feb. 15, 1938 in Starbuck, MB.

+ Joseph Tomas MOREAU b. Oct. 18, 1939 in Edmonton, AB

6 Thomas Grant MOREAU b. Apr. 1, 1965

6 Joanne Denise MOREAU b. May 23, 1966

6 Todd Joseph MOREAU b. Nov. 21, 1967

6 Gerard Edward MOREAU b. Nov. 23, 1969

6 Paula Catherine MOREAU b. Jul. 13, 1971

4 Agnes TODD b. 1913
+ Richard DESILETS
4 Arthur Joseph (Archie) TODD b. Jan. 21, 1911 d. May 1972
+ Gracin (Gracie) Joan D'arc CARRIERE d. March 1990
4 Barry Todd
+ Darlene
4 Bertha Rose TODD b. Jan. 4, 1903
+ Joseph Louis Adelarde LAVALLEE b. Jun. 7, 1903
4 Clara Marie TODD
4 Delma Ann TODD
4 Eleanor TODD
4 Homer Neville Dennis Vernon TODD b.1913
4 Jean Joseph TODD b. Sep. 30, 1899 d. Jan. 1974
+ Bernice Edna FRANKLIN
4 Lawrence TODD
+ Ruth GREEN
4 Mary TODD Feb. 9, 1898 d. Jan. 1929
4 Peter Adelard TODD b. Aug. 11, 1906
+ Blanche Marie Louise HAMEL b. Oct. 12, 1906
4 Victor George Augustine TODD b. Apr. 20, 1908
+ Venice Aline Odile ROY May 23, 1917

3 Norman TODD b. Nov. 1868, according to the 1881 Canadian Census he was born: Missouri Territory USA, ethnic origin: Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location: York Factory, NWT. He lived in Grand Rapids and SFX, MB. #1645, C-14942
+ Pauline Marie Appoline DESLAURIERS b.1868 buried SFX, MB

3 Gabriel TODD b. March 18, 1871, according to the 1881 Canadian Census he was born: Missouri Territory USA, ethnic origin: Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location: York Factory, NWT. Lived in Grand Rapids, MB
+ Elide LAVALIER, farmed Chatfield and Headlingly areas, and is buried at Interlake, MB.

3 Alexander Patrick TODD b. Nov. 26, 1874 at Big Trout Lake, ON as one record states, or according to the 1881 Canadian Census he was born: Keewatin, NWT, ethnic origin: Indigenous, religion: Roman Catholic, census location was York Factory, NWT. He was baptized June 1877 at St. Peters Anglican. Lived in St. Francis Xavier, MB and died 1958.
+ Marianne MCDOUGALL b. July 8, 1885 d.1963

3 Wilby TODD b.1881, Roman Catholic (according to 1891 Listgar Census)


2 Samuel TODD b. Feb. 1827 York Factory, baptized Sept. 4, 1827, buried Oct. 9, 1827. Baptism record says Isabella Dennet and "the Surgeon of York Factory" were the parents.


2 Robert TODD b. May 30, 1832 at Brandon House, MB and baptized May 30, 1832. The Baptism record says son of Chief Trader William Todd and Isabella Dennet, St. John's Cathedral O. Jones and W. Cockran officiating. He became an Apprentice Postmaster from 1849-51 in the Swan River District, MB and in 1852 in the Columbia District. In 1854 the HBCo sent him to the Thompson River Post in Kamloops where he lived for the next 50 years. He died in 1905.


2 John McAllum TODD b. Nov. 24, 1833 Fort Pelly in the Swan River District, MB, baptized July 22, 1834 at St. John's Anglican, William Cockran Minister. Baptism record says Isabella Dennet was his mother. He married March 29, 1855 age 21, lived in St. James, Farmer. He died 1896 in Seamo (Narcisse) MB, and is buried at St. John's Anglican. RRS #4698
+ Madeline DUCHARME mother of John Todd Jr.
+ Matilda WILLIAMS b.1825, m. at St. John's Anglican Cathedral March 29, 1855, she was age 30, from St. James, MB. Witnesses were Donald Todd, Ann Haywood, James and Flora Hallett. Matilda died in Seamo, MB, April 20, 1896 and was buried with her husband at St. Jame's Anglican. Script Claim #1653. Matilda's mother was Sarah FIDLER, Metis, and her father was William WILLIAMS of the HBC, English. Her maternal grandmother was Mary Indian, and her grandfather was Peter FIDLER, English, Land Surveyor. Matilda and her brother were brought up by James and Sarah Hallett.

3 John TODD Jr. b. May 10, 1852/54 or 55 in St. Charles Parish, baptized June 17, 1855 in RRS, d. March 11, 1943 Battleford SK. He was an Interpreter, Mail Runner/Carrier, Police Guide, and Freighter between Battleford, Swift Current, Saskatoon and Edmonton. His mother was Madelaine DUCHARME
+ Rosalie DESJARDINS, 1st Wife, b. St. Vital Oct. 5, 1858, m. June 2, 1874 the same day as John Todd Sr. Her father was Jean Baptiste DESJARDINS and mother was Marguerite HAMELIN.
+ Isabelle (Bella) BOUSQUET, 2nd Wife, b 1846 m. Jan. 28,1879 in Battleford d. Mar. 5, 1918 in Battleford.
+ Maria PAMBRUN LEPINE, 3rd Wife 3, b. Aug. 25, 1859 in Lac La Biche, m.1919 in Battleford, d. Aug. 6, 1935 in Battleford.
3 Marie TODD b.1859 or 1860 at Sturgeon Creek, baptized 1861 St. Boniface Cathedral. Her mother was Marie ALLARY (AZARIE or ALLAIN) married to Joseph BREMNER. Marie was brought up by her aunt Marguerite ALLARY and Benjamin VANDAL. She married Pierre BOUCHER, from St. Albert, AB Nov. 1871 and applied for scrip May 1885.
+ Pierre BOUCHER, b.1849, m.1872. Scrip for $160 - Claim 1053

4 John BOUCHER b.1874
4 Marie Louise BOUCHER b.1877
4 Virgina BOUCHER b.1879

3 Elizabeth (Lizzie) TODD b. Dec. 5, 1854/55, baptized St. James Anglican, died Sept 15, 1886 St. James, MB.
3 William TODD b.1855 baptized 1857 St. James, MB.
3 Sarah TODD, b. Dec.1, 1857 or 1858, St. James, MB, m. Charles Oxford WHITE, Jan. 6, 1881 St. James Anglican, Witness: Lizzie Todd, d. July 1936, their daughter was Matilda Alberta White b. Jan. 15, 1883, baptized at St. James Anglican, March 11, 1883, lived in St. Charles, MB.
3 Maria TODD b. Feb. 2, 1861, bap. St. James Anglican, School Teacher at Lincoln School in Posen MB, in 1888.
+ Herbert PLUMB (English) m. May 1889 at Holy Trinity Anglican in Headingly, MB.
3 Robert TODD b. Dec. 3, 1863 St. James, baptized Jan. 3, 1864, St. James Angelican, d. April 19, 1899, Homesteader in Seamo in 1884.
+ Flora Hallett baptized in Holy Trinity Angelican Church in Headingly, MB on Jan. 3, 1865
3 Donald TODD b 1866 or 67, baptized July 7, 1867 at St. James Anglican, listed as Farmer living in St. Laurent in 1891 census.


2 Margaret TODD born 1835, of St. John's, baptized at St. John's, July 4, 1839, d. Dec 2, 1854, St. James. Baptism record states daughter of William Todd and Elizabeth.


2 Donald TODD born 1837 or 39, baptized July 4, 1839 St. John's Anglican, Red River. Son of Dr. Willam TODD and Isabella Elizabeth DENNET. He lived with the family in HBCo post at Fort Pelly, Swan River District. Age 18 he apprenticed as a Boat Builder at Norway House and in Saskatchewan for HBC. The 1881 Census lists a Donald TODD born 1837 in the NWT, occupation: Farmer, ethnic origin: Scottish, religion: Church of England, Census place: Edmonton Territories, NWT. Also in this census data it shows a Samuel TODD less than 1 year and Harriet TODD age 4 present on the census day.
+ Suzanne/Susan DURAND/DUMONT, Metis b.1855 Beaver Hills Lake, Alberta. She married Donald TODD at Bear Hills, Alberta in 1875. During the 1901 Census she was living in Wetaskwin. During the 1906 Census she reported living with her son Dan and his wife Mary WHITFORD she was then 53 years old. She is buried at the Bashaw Cemetery, AB. HB Script #1022, C-14938.

3 Harriet/Henriette TODD b.1877 lived at Todd Crossing, Battle River, Tail Creek. According to the 1881 Canadian Census she was born in NWT, ethnic origin: Scottish, religion: Church of England, census location: Edmonton, NWT. In the 1901 Alberta Census she was living in the Wetaskwin area.
+ Archibald WHITFORD b.1874 in Alberta

4 Elizabeth b.1897
4 James W b.1899

3 Emma TODD b.1880 Beaver Lake d.1885 at Bear Hills.
3 Paul TODD b.1881
3 Samual H. TODD b. October 6, 1880 at Todd Crossing, Battle River, AB. According to the 1881 Canadian Census his ethnic origin: Scottish, religion: Church of England, census location was Edmonton, NWT. In the 1901 Census he was 21 living in Wetaskwin AB area. During the 1906 Census he was living with his two brothers Louis b.1886 and Dan b.1883/84, Dan's wife Mary Whitford and their mother Susan Durant/Dumont/Todd at S36-R41-R21-W4 near Bashaw, AB. He is buried in Wetaskwin.
3 Daniel/Donald TODD b.1883/84 at Todd Crossing, Battle River, AB. At the time of the 1901 Census he was living in Wetaskwin area. During 1906 Census his residence was S36-R41-R21-W4 near Bashaw, AB. Died Mar. 26, 1943.
+ Mary WHITFORD b.1880

4 Velma Gail TODD b.1904 d.1962
+ Alan Curtis WHITFORD b.1902 d.1982

5 Leona Mae WHITFORD b. Jan. 1938
+ Calvin Lester BENTLEY

6 Stephen BENTLEY

3 Louis TODD b.1886. Reported in the 1901 Alberta Census, 14 yrs living in Wetaskwin area; during the 1906 he was living at S36-R41-R21-W4 near Bashaw with brothers Sam, Dan and wife Mary Whitford and his mother Susan Todd. He died July 1950 and is buried in Wetaskwin.
+ Helen/Ellen WHITFORD b. May 5, 1895, d. Jan. 1, 1951.

4 Lloyd TODD b. Nov. 1, 1918
+ Jean LATTERY b. May 8, 1930
4 Samuel N. TODD b. August 25, 1915/25 d. Sept. 1976
+ Margaret Ann DAHL b. Oct. 28, 1916 d. Dec. 4, 1977

5 Donald B. TODD b. May 27, 1955
5 Alan H. TODD b. Nov. 6, 1957 - Nov. 16, 1957
5 Lorne E. TODD b. July 31, 1952
+ Barbara J. RICHARDS b. Aug. 15, 1955

4 James TODD b. 1881
+ Mary Mattie LATTERY b.1882

5 John TODD b.1902
5 Jules TODD b.1907
5 Frank TODD b 1908
5 Alexander TODD b 1909
5 Aline TODD b.1914
5 Caroline TODD b.1910
5 Julia TODD b.1913
5 Annie TODD b.1914
5 Mary TODD b.1918

3 Charles TODD


2 Mary TODD born July 17, 1839, baptized Aug. 6, 1839 at Fort Pelly, MB in the Swan River District during the time Dr. William TODD was in charge of the Hudson Bay Company post at Fort Pelly, MB. Her baptism record states Elizabeth Dennet as her mother. On June 5, 1856, age 17, she married William INKSTER, age 20, at St. John's Cathedral, St. John's RRS by Rev. David. Her residence was shown as St. Cross and his St. John's. Witnesses were Jane INKSTER, Donald TODD, & Others. Mary INKSTER died in 1916. Photos of Mary Todd
+ William INKSTER, Master at St. John's Parochial Church School, born and baptized 1836, died 1864 or May 4, 1869 in St. Andrews, MB. His parents were Mary SINCLAIR and John INKSTER, his mother's parents were William and Nahovway SINCLAIR. Their children were:

3 Mary Isabella INKSTER, b. June 10, 1857
+ Owen Edward HUGHES, d.1938 Battleford SK

4 Rowland Howell INKSTER HUGHES b. August 19, 1883 in Winnipeg, MB, d. July 19, 1923 in Salmon Arm, BC

+ Edith TURNER

5 Ted 1912-2001 m. Nora PICKERING

5 Mary 1913-1973 m. Norman MILLER

5 Dorothy 1916-1938 never married

5 Florence 1917-1973 m. Ernie REED

5 Gordon 1919-2007 m. Catherine O'KEEFE

4 Owen William MCKAY HUGHES b. July 26, 1882 in SK, d. November 19, 1953 in Vancouver, BC age 72, m. Alice Mary LLOYD

3 John Hector INKSTER b. April 30, 1859, d.1942 Salmon Arm age 83, never married.

3 Harriet Louisa INKSTER b. June 29, 1861, d.1925 Salmon Arm, BC

3 Ellen Isabella/Arabella INKSTER b. May 16, 1863 Kildonan MB, married August 29, 1881 in Ft. Ellice MB, d. 1916 Grand Rapids
+   Henry MCKAY b. June 25, 1856 in Fort Ellice. Grandson of John Richards MCKAY and Harriet BALLENDEN, s/o of William MCKAY and Mary COOK

4 Dorothy Winnifred Isabel McKay married Arthur Austin b. Oct. 31, 1900 in Manitoba, d. Jan. 29, 1976 in Victoria, BC

4 Myra Gertrude (McKay) Johnston

4   Mary Henrietta/Harriet Mckay married  William Adolphe Venables

4  Henry James McKay

4  Constance Mary (McKay) McGachan

4 Laurence Howell Inkster McKay

4 Arthur Alexander Hughes McKay

4 Agnes Eleanor (McKay) Keddie

4 Florence Lillian Louise (McKay) Campbell

4 Bertha Margaret Katherine McKay

4 Reginald Harold Hanley McKay

4 William Henry McKay

4 Annie Constance McKay 

3 Florence INKSTER b. Apr. 2, 1865 and d. Nov. 17, 1932, or 1912 Manitoba.
+ Charles Samuel TYRRELL

4 Audrey TYRRELL
+ Ernest CLAYDON of Deeping, St. James, England

5 Patricia CLAYDON
+ John WATSON of Blackpool, England

6 Elizabeth WATSON

4 Hubert TYRRELL m. Lulu Gertrude McCready  in Toronto, ON Sep. 9, 1923 
4 Charles Hudson Pentreath TYRRELL b. Jan. 29, 1897, d. Feb. 1929 Narrow Lake Portage, Ontario, age 32

3 Agnes INKSTER b. May 25, 1867 d. Aug. 1, 1945 in Salmon Arm, BC age 78, never married

3 Alfred William INKSTER b. Dec. 19, 1868, d. Oct. 15, 1896
+ Catherine SPENCE


2 Alexander TODD baptized 1841, d. 1844 buried St. John's.


2 Charles TODD baptized 1841, d. April 28, 1875.


2 Mary-Elizabeth TODD born1843 at Fort Pelly, Swan River District, baptized August 13, 1843, St. Johns. The Baptism record says daughter of William Todd, Chief Trader of HBCo.and Elizabeth Dennet. She was married October 2, 1862 at St. John's Cathedral, Anglican Diocese, Rupertsland.  She was 19, her residence listed as St. John's. She married Joseph Corrigal, age 23 of Mapleton. Witnesses were Sarah Jane McDonald, W. McLean, Harriet and Wm. Inkster, Henry Budd, Jr. She died Oct. 29, 1877.
+ Joseph CORRIGAL, b. 1839, m.1862, occupation was Schoolmaster in St. John's, son of Jacob Corrigal a HBC servant.
+ James SETTEE m. 1866


2 Samuel TODD baptized Feb. 1, 1850 at St. Andrew's Anglican, died 1864 and was buried at St. John's.  His mother was Sarah Johnston, Dr. Todd's third wife. Fathers occupation on birth certificate says Settler in RRS.


2 Albert TODD b. August 30, 1847, d.1892, Mapleton farmer. His mother was Sarah JOHNSON, Dr. Todd's third wife. RRS #4957
+ Marion LITTIE 1st Wife
+ Mary/Marie MCKAY 2nd Wife, Metis b. March 20, 1856 m. November 9, 1874 lived in Touchwood Hills SK, her father William MCKAY, Metis, her mother Suzanne VERSAILLES, Metis. Portage la Prairie 1876 Script. They had five children.

3 Alfred Ernest Albert TODD born Nov. 18, 1876 and baptized Dec. 17, 1876 at St. Clement's in Mapleton. God parents were John MacKay Jr., John McDonald and Eliz MacKay. He lived in Qu'Appelle SK, d.1898 St. Boniface MB
3 Samuel Absalom TODD b. June 30, 1878, baptized Aug. 18, 1878.  Lived in St. Francis Xavier, later Touchwood Hills SK. He died in 1881.
3 William TODD b.1881 in Qu'Appelle SK, "Metis Relocation" to St. Francis Xavier MB 1901 (RRS ID# 4957)
3 Robert TODD b.1888
3 Donald TODD b.1891