Dennett Family History


updated March 2016


Generation 1


Edward FAVELL b. 1660 Southwark, Surrey, England, baptized 1695 at St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, London, residence was Willhamstead, Bedford, England. He died May 5, 1713 in Willhamstead

+ Mary Plateher, b. 1660


Generation 2


John FAVELL Sr. b. 1715 - 1793 of Clerkenwell, London, England, merchant Slopseller (definition: dealer or trader of cheap ready made clothing specifically clothes for seamen) of 247 Tooley St. S.E., Southwark, London, England.(near Tower Bridge). In his will of 1793 he left a ‘property in Middlesex and 500 pounds’ to his son John.

 + Jane BUNN b. 1715 or b. 1697, m. May 27, 1736 in Aldenham, Hertfordshire, England , d. 1784


Generation 3


John Humphrey FAVELL Jr. b. 17?? , Southwark, England, d. 1784 at Henley House. He came to work as a young clerk to the Hudson Bay Co. and trained as an officer at Fort Albany west of James Bay, Northern Ontario, the company's first inland post. Positions held from 1754 - 84 ranged from Writer, Accountant, Master, Deputy to Chief Factor at Moose Factory where he remained until 1769. After one year to England he returned in 1770 and served as 2nd Factor at Fort Albany until he died in 1784. His brother Samuel FAVELL 1760 – 1830 was also a cloth merchant like their father and lived in England. 

+ Titameg (translation Whitefish) b. 1750, Cree , Swampy Cree Settlement, York Factory. Titameg died after 1825 in Brandon House, Manitoba.


Their children:


Jane FAVELL m. John Ballenden, Scottish

Humphrey Martin FAVELL m. Jenny PAWPITCH, Indian

Mary FAVELL m. John MACKAY, Scottish

Thomas FAVELL m. Sarah TROUT, Cree


Generation 4


Jane FAVELL b. 1770, m. 1789, d. 1859

+ John BALLENDEN b. 1755/6 Strommness, Orkney, Scotland, d. 1817 in Red River Settlement or Stromness, records conflict. Fur trader for the HBC posted at Fort Severen and Fort Prince of Wales. His final post was as Chief Factor 1800-02 in York Factory. On 23 April 1797, he married Elizabeth Gray. They had seven children, all born in Scotland. Ballenden had several additional children with Jane. Ballenden returned to Scotland in September 1802, where he died at Stromness on 23 May 1817. He was interred in Stromness Kirkyard No. 1.

+ John Richards


Their Children:


Sophia Ballenden/ine b. 1791/2 Ruperts Land, m. Orkneyman William DENNETT d. 1857

Elizabeth Betsy Ballenden/ine b. 1795/6 Ft. Cumberland, m. 1812 Orkney man William ROWLAND Sr. d. 1894  

Harriett Ballenden/ine b. 1799 York Factory, m. John Richards MCKAY from Scotland, d. 1854  

Jane Eliza Ballenden/ine b. 1802, m. John LEWIS/LEWES b. 1791 England  

James Ballenden/ine b. 1812

John Ballenden b. 1825


Generation 5


Sophia BALLENDEN/INE/TYNE b. 1791/2 in 'Ruperts Land', Metis, m. March 23, 1830 in Anglican in RRS.

+ William DENNETT b. 1780 in Parish, Island of South Ronaldsay, Orkney Islands, Scotland, d. age 84 on April 13, 1864, buried St. Andrews, RRS. He was 5' 6", black hair, dark complexion and worked for the Hudson Bay Company 1796 - 1822 as Labourer, Canoeman, Boatsman, Steersman and Runner . *



Generation 6


Isabelle(a) Elizabeth DENNETT b. 1804 York Factory died or buried March 4, 1845.

+ Dr. William Todd, b. 1782/4 in Ireland, m. at Grand Rapids in the Red River Settlement by Rev. William Cochrane on Aug. 20, 1839 at St. John's Cathedral , Anglican Register of Marriages document, witnesses John Flett and John Tait.


Andrew DENNETT b. 1807

+ Ellen MOORE



Elizabeth DENNETT b. 1811

+ John SLATER from Orkney Islands, she died 1875


 Jessie Janet Jane DENNETT b. 1815 m. Jan. 2, 1833

+ John Henry HOURIE b. 1810 in Hudson Bay, d. April 25 1896 St. Clements MB.  Farmer. He is the son of John Hourie Sr. and Margaret Indian.


Their Daughter:


Fanny Anne HOURIE b. Aug. 12, 1842 m. Aug. 27, 1868 St. Clements Anglican, Mapleton

+ William TODD Jr., b. 1823 York Factory, 2nd marriage on Aug. 27, 1868 St. Clements Anglican Church, Mapleton, RRS. A daughter, Mary Jane, was born 1870, baptized at St. Clements in Mapleton Nov. 27 1870 and died 1877.  Fanny's mother was Jessie Janet Jane Dennet the sister of Isabella Dennet.  Her father was John Hourie, Farmer.


Margaret DENNETT b.1814 baptized 1823, St Johns, NWT, m. 1831 RRS

+ John Baptiste SPENCE, the son of George Spence b. 1773 Orkneys and Catherine, a Cree woman.


William Jr. DENNETT b. 1827


Sabina DENNETT b. 1833

+ George TAIT.






DATES: d. 1784, 2 Nov.


Appointments & Service

Outfit Year* Position Post District HBCA Reference


*An Outfit year ran from 1 June to 31 May

1754-1760 Writer [Albany] Albany A.16/3 fo.96; B.3/d/63-68

1760-1761    Writer [Albany] Moose B.135/d/30

1761-1769    Second, Accountant [Albany] Moose A.6/10,11; B.135/a/34-46; B.135/c/1

1769-1770 on leave [Albany] A.6/11

1770-1774    Second [in command] Albany Albany A.16/4 fo.83, 126; A.30/l fo.2; A.6/11

*1774-l779   Second Albany Albany A.16/4 fo.126; A.30/1 fo.14, 26, 39, 52, 69; Master Henley House Albany B.86/a/21-34

1779-1784 Deputy Albany Albany A.16/4 fo.126; A.16/5 fo.25; A.30/2 fo.2, 20, 39, 62; A.6/3; A.5/2

1784, 2 Nov. Died at Albany A.16/5 fo.81; B.3/a/84; 135/b/16; A.44/1p. 86; HBRS XVII p. 253

*1775 -- "Greatly chagrined to find that after 20 years of service, he was superceded in command ..." A.30/l fo.14



E.E.Rich, Moose Fort Journals, 1783-85, London, HBRS Vol. XVII, 1954, p. 253;

J.B.Tyrell, Journals of Hearne and Turnor, Champlain Society, 1934, p. 265

Authored Post Journals: B.086/a/021, 24, 27, 30-34, Henley House, 1773-1781 (1M61); B.135/a/35-47, Moose Factory, 1762-1769 (1M86).


Father: John Favell, Sr., Slopseller of Tosley St., Southwark (A.16/4 fo.8; Somerset House, Will, PROB. 11/1135, Ducarel, 551)

Wife: Tittmeg or Titameg (A.l6/4 fo.8; Somerset House, Will, PROB. 11/1135, Ducarel, 551)

Children: Jane; Humphrey Martin; Mary (d. 1810 at Brandon House, m. John McKay); Thomas (see Pedigree Chart, Matthew Cocking Search File)

Aunts: Hannah Bun[n]; Elizabeth Bun[n]

Brother: Samuel Favell

Filename: Favell, John Jr. (d. 1784) (fl. 1754-1784) (JHB/nt, Jan./1990; revised KE, Feb./1998) ; June/99/mhd





PARISH:  Ronaldsha


DATES:  b. 1780 ORKNEY d. 1864 


Appointments & Service

Outfit Year Position: Post: District: HBCA Reference: *An Outfit year ran from 1 June to 31 May


1796-1797 Labourer York B.239/f/6

1797-1801 Canoeman York Inland A.30/7-10; B.239/f/6

1801-1802 Boatman York Inland B.239/f/7

1802-1804 York Inland B.239/f/9

1804-1805 Home? B.239/f/9

1805-1811 York Inland A.16/34, fo. 156

1811-1814 Steersman & Runner, Canoeman Saskatchewan A.16/14 fo. 7; A.30/11-13

1814-1815* Steersman Moose Lake Winnipeg A.30/14 fo.19, A.16/37

1815-1816 Home on account of ill health, may engage again

1818-1819** Steersman Swan River A.16/37 fo. 60 (64d-65)

1820-1821 [Steersman] Ile-a-la-Crosse Cumberland B.239/g/1 fo. 4, A.16/37; A.16/40 fo.

88 (96d-97)

1822-1823 Colonist & Freeman Red River Settlement B.239/g/2 fo. 25

1864, 13 April William Dennet from St. Clements was buried at the age of 84 years (PAM index, Anglican Church Registers, St. Andrews Burials, 619).



* “Sober, honest, ready, willing, obedt & active.” (A.30/14)

** He is described as 37 years of age, 5'6" in stature, black hair, dark complexion, 20 yrs service, “A good runner after Indians” (A.30/16)


Wife: Sophia Ballendine (b. ca. 1791, m. 1830) described as an Indian woman or a halfbreed in the Church Registers (E.4/1; Gail Morin, Metis Families)

Children: Andrew (b. 25 Dec. 1807 Cumberland House, bapt. 5 June 1823, m. 1 Ellen Moore (1818-1838); 2 Mary Martinois [Martineau] 26 Sept. 1838) (E.4/1; Gail Morin, Metis Families) Elizabeth (b. 1811, bapt. 17 July 1827, m. John Slater) (E.4/1; Gail Morin, Metis Families)

Margaret (b. ca. 1814, bapt. 5 June 1823, m. John [Jean Baptiste] Spence 8 Dec. 1831) (E.4/1; Gail Morin, Metis Families)

Janette [Janet, Jessie] (b. 1815, bapt. 5 June 1823, m. John Hourie 2 Jan. 1833) (E.4/1; Gail Morin, Metis Families)

William (bapt. 29 Oct. 1823, d. June 1893, m. Margaret Calder 21 Nov. 1844) (E.4/1; Gail Morin, Metis Families)


Search File: Dunnett, William

Filename: Dunnet, William (1780-1864) (fl. 1796-1821) ; md 28/02/97 (rev. JHB 99/08) ; June/99/mhd


SOURCE: 1827 Red River Settlement Census


DUNNET, William

#76, Lot 177, William Dunnet, age 45, Protestant, Orkney, 1 married man, 1 woman, 2 sons (-16), 2 daughter (-15), 1 house, 1 cows, 2 acres;