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James and Caroline Todd



James Todd and Caroline Laframboise - married 61 years

Edmonton Journal:   Edmonton residents for 29 years, Mr. and Mrs. James Todd of  9748 - 100 St. recently marked their 61 wedding anniversary.  Mrs. Todd, the former Carolyn La Framboise was raised on a ranch in the Leduc district and recalls the last spike being driven into the CPR at Edmonton.  Mr. Todd was born in 1882 in North Battleford Sask, where his father, William Todd, was a missionary. The couple were married in St. Paul, Alberta Jan. 27, 1903 and moved to the Brosseau District where they established a ranch.  The couple have seven children still living, 40 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.Open house was held at their home to celebrate the anniversary.   



Henry Dufresne (brother to James Todd's mother Marie Dufresne)

He was also taken prisoner by Big Bear's band during the Rebellion


James Todd, English Metis, was born May 3, 1881-2 at Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan, son of Marie Dufresne, French Metis, and William Todd III, English Metis and the G Grandson of Dr. William Todd, Irish.


Jame's father William Todd III worked at Fort Pitt, SK and as recorded in the 1891 Census he was a School Teacher, their religion Roman Catholic and home was Fort Pitt, SK.  His mother Mary Dufresne, French Metis. (Her mother was Marguerite Mondion Moignon, French Metis, and her father was Edward Francoise Dufresne, French Canadian. He was the cook at Fort Pitt trading post.) Their three surviving children were my grandfather James Todd born 1881-2, his sister Mary Todd born 1886 (married John Laboucane) and his sister Isabella Todd born 1889 (married John's brother Jules Laboucane). William Todd III died at a very young age in 1892(5) and is buried in the St. Albert Mission Catholic Cemetery beside main Church. It was also recorded he worked along side Father Lacombe as a missionary..  


1901 Census shows James Todd, 19 years old, living in Egg Lake, SK, Race: E.H.B or English Half Breed, and a partner in a ranching operation with Adellard Laboucane F.H.B. or French Half Breed. Next door lived his remarried mother Marie Dufresne Todd Howse, F.H.B. and new husband James Howse E.H.B. and her daughters Mary Todd 15, Bella Todd 13, and children of James Howse, Norman 3 and Maggie 1.


James Todd married Caroline Laframboise in 1903 (her mother was Isabella Cardinal, French Metis, born at White Fish Lake, Alberta and Louis Laframboise, French Metis, born in Black Mud River, North Dakota). James and Caroline raised a large family while farming in various locations in Alberta. They retired in 1954 to Edmonton into the Rossdale Flats area. James died at the age of 85 three years after his wife Caroline Laframboise in 1967 together buried at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery on St. Albert Trail, Alberta. Their children were Louie, Alice Patricia, Robert Bob James, Marguerite, William, Alex, Ernest George, Percy Joseph Leslie Lawrence, Harvey, Donald David Francis Frank, Malvina Marie Bella Bessie, Orville Vincent Victor Micky, James Jimmy, Thelma Viola, Gerald Gordon Gerry.





"Rebellion Survivor, 85, Dies"  


(dated:  Oct. 26, 1967, Edmonton Journal)

A man who lived in Fort Pitt, Sask. when it was attacked during the Riel Rebellion, has died.  James Todd, 85, was born in Fort Pitt and was only two years old when the fort was attacked.  His family was forced to flee.  In 1902 Mr. Todd moved to Warwick and took a homestead.  He later moved to Bellevue,where he ranched for 35 years.  In 1954 he came to Edmonton to retire.  He was interested in music, and was a lifetime member of the local Old Timer's Association.  Survivors are seven sons, Louis of Victoria, Harvey of Vancouver, Robert, Victor, George, Frank and Gerald, all of Edmonton; two daughters Mrs. Bess Towes of Campbell River, B.C., and Mrs. Thelma Surgenor of Edmonton; 36 grandchild and 26 great grandchildren.  Prayer services were held Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church.




Source: 1891 Census Record - Fort Pitt, SK



Source: 1906 Census Record - N.E. 24-54-14-W4 - Two Hills / Watt Lake
Todd, James, Male, Married, 25, born Saskatchewan,PO Address: Warwick Alberta Todd
Caroline, Female, Married, 19, born Alberta
odd, Louis, Male, Single, 2, born Alberta
Todd, Alice, Female, Single, 3 months, born Albert

Section N.E. 24, Township 54, Range 14, Meridian W4 - Lat. 53.6816 X Long.111.9159


April 1910, 1909 - from the St. Paul Homestead Map, St. Paul, Alberta.  James Todd's land was at 35-57-10-W4



Section  E1/2 of SE  35, Township  57, Range Meridian W4 (S.W. of St. Paul, AB)


Source: 1911 Census Records - Township 57- Range 10 - Meridian W4


Source: 1916 Census Records - Township 58 - Range 10 - W4 - Lafond, AB

Location: Township: 58, Range: 10, Meridian: W4 - Municipality:  Lafond, Alberta


James Todd, 34, Head, M, M, 34, dob: 1882, Country of Birth: Sask, Rel: Roman Catholic, Nationality: Canadian, Race: Cree, Can speak English: Y, Can Speak French: Y, Other language spoken: Cree, Can you read: Y, Can you write Yes, Occupation: Farmer, Employment: Own Account, Where: Farm. 

Caroline Todd, 28, Wife, dob: 1888, Country of Birth: AB, Rel: Roman Catholic, Nationality: Canadian, Race: Cree, Can speak English: Y, Can Speak French: N, Other language spoken: Cree, Can you read: N, Can you write: N, Occupation: Mom.

George Todd, 6, Son, Country of Birth: AB, Rel: Roman Catholic, Nationality: Canadian, Race: Cree, Can speak English: Y, Can Speak French: N, Other language spoken: Cree, Can you read: N, Can you write: N.

James Todd, 34, Caroline Todd, 28, Louis Todd, 11, Alice Todd, 10, Robert Todd, 9, Margret Todd, 8, William Todd, 7 , George Todd, 6, Leslie Todd, 2,  Ervin Todd, 0


Source: 1921 Census Records


James Todd Land 1921



James Todd and Caroline Laframboise Family 1950s

James and Caroline Todd Family


The James Todd family lived in the Deville, Hastings Lake, near South Cooking Lake, Alberta farming after 1921.  Scotty TOUGH and Marguerite GLADUE also farmed the Hastings Lake area and were neighbours with Todd family in the 1930-40s and maybe up until 1954.  Their  daughter Myrtle Theresa TOUGH married Louis TODD (my uncle, the eldest son of James & Caroline TODD).  Marguerite GLADUE's father was Augustus GLADUE and farmed in the area of Hastings Lake, AB. The Todd farm was on the east side of the lake in the area where the Edgar Jones Natural Area is now.  James Todd and family lived there until 1954.




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