2 James Todd Family History


NAME: TODD, JAMES   PARISH:   NATIVE   ENTERED SERVICE: 1843, 1858     DATES: bapt. 21 Aug. 1825
(A.32/56 fo. 259-262; B.239/u/2 #2074; B.239/u/2 #2103)                                       d. 5 January 1887

Appointments & Service:
Outfit Year*:   Position:    Post:    DistrictHBCA Reference:
*An Outfit year ran from 1 June to 31 May

1843 – 1844   Apprentice Post Master    Athabasca  Search file “Todd, James”
1844 – 1847   Apprentice Post Master Fort Chipewyan  Athabasca  B.239/k/2 p 317, 347, 382;D.5/15fo 661-662
1847 – 1848   Post Master  Fort Chipewyan  Athabasca  D.5/19 fo. 564-565;B.239/k/2 p.401
1848 – 1850   Post Master   Fort Chipewyan  Athabasca  D.5/26 fo. 439-440;B.239/k/2 p. 423, 452;
A.32/56 fo. 259-260; B.239/u/1 #2074
1850 – 1851   Clerk   Fort Chipewyan  Athabasca  D.5/30 fo. 733-734; B.239/k/2 p. 475
1851 – 1852   Clerk   Fort Chipewyan  Athabasca  SF “Todd, James”;B.239/k/3 p.3:B.239/g/31-32
1853    Freeman at Red River Settlement      SF Todd, James;D.5/36 fo.521-2;D.5/38 fo.318-9
1858 – 1859   Interpreter  Cumberland House Cumberland  Search File “Todd, James”; B.239/k/5 fo. 77
1859 – 1860   Post Master  Cumberland House Cumberland  Search File “Todd, James”
1860 – 1866   Post Master in charge The Pas   Cumberland  B.239/k/3 p. 206, 226, 247, 269, 291, 313
1866 – 1867   Clerk in charge  The Pas   Cumberland  SF “Todd, James”;B.239/k/3 p.334
1867 – 1871   Post master in charge Grand Rapid  Cumberland  SF “Todd, James”;B.239/k/3 p.356,381,411,437
1874 – 1884   Clerk in charge  Trout Lake  York   SF “Todd, James”;B.235/k/1 p. 5, 15, 24d, 35,
44, 59d. 72d, 84d, 94d, 104d
1884    Retired         SF”Todd, James”; B.239/k/5 p.77
1887, 5 January   Died, buried at St. Francois Xavier

William Todd and Isabella Dennett (E.4/1a fo. 57)
Josephine Deslauriers (married 1852, b. 1837, d. 31 Dec. 1905) x
Children: Elizabeth (b. 1853, d. 1853) (Info. Gail Morin, Metis Families)
  William (b. 1855, York Factory)
  Norbert (b. 1857, York Factory)
  James Alexis (b.1861, York Factory, d. 1867)  (Gail Morin, Metis Families)
  Peter (b. 1863, York Factory, d. 31 Mar. 1908, Portage la Prairie) (Gail Morin, Metis Families)
  Gilbert (b. 1865, The Pas, d. 1938) (J. G. Costello, William Todd…, p. 55)
  Norman (b. 1868, Big Trout Lake, d. 1947) (Gail Morin, Metis Families)
  Gabriel (b. 1871, Grand Rapids)
  Alexander (b. 1874, Trout Lake, d. 1938 0r 1958  (Gail Morin, Metis Families; Costello p.55)

From: The Manitoba Scrip by Gail Morin

TODD, James; #1643; HB Head; Address: St. Francois Xavier; Born: York Factory, 1825; Father:  William TODD (Irishman); Mother: Elizabeth DENNETT (HB).  I lived in Manitoba until I was about 15.  I then lived in Swan River for 2 years.  I then went to Athabasca for 8 years.  Then to Manitoba where I remained until 1859 when I went to Cumberland District as Hudson's Bay Agent and remained  at Cumberland & Grand Rapids until 1873.  I am now living at St. Francois Xavier Manitoba.  Occupation: I have been in the Hudson Bay Co. service.  Married:  1852, Josephine DESLAURIERS at St. Boniface.  Children:  7 living: William, b. 1855; Norbert, b. 1857; Peter, b. 25 October 1863; Gilbert, b. 13 Nov. 1865; Norman, b. 9 Nov 1868; Gabrielle, b. 15 Mar 1871; Alexandre, b. 26 Nov 1874, of my said wife and I.  2 deceased Elizabeth, b. Feb 1853; d. 1853; James, b. 1861, d. 1867.  I have been at home in St. Francois Xavier continuously.  James TODD; 27 August 1885; English; Alexis LESPERANCE, fils; Norbert DESLAURIERS (x); $160.00 approved; C-14942.

2   James TODD, born June 25, 1825, baptized August 21, 1825 at St. John's Cathedral by William Cockran.  He lived in St. Francois Xavier in the RRS and apprenticed as Postmaster in Athabasca 1842-52. 1858-72 he was Postmaster at Cumberland House, 1873-83 Postmaster and/or Clerk at Big Trout Lake, Severn District. He died Jan.13, 1887. Baptism record shows Isabella Dunnet as his mother. (Ref. Baptism Records, St. John's Cathedral, Wm. Cockran Minister) RRS #4959, 1885 Script #1643 C-14942. (Scrip Reference from National Archives of Canada states Elizabeth Dennett as his mother) Josephine DESLAURIERS, Metis, b. 1827, May 11,1836, m.1852 St. Boniface, d. Dec. 31, 1905 buried St. Francois Xavier.

From:  HBCo. Archives 
Fort Chipewyan, Hudson Bay Trading Post

1 July 1845

My dear Father,


     This is the first summer I have got charge of a Post & I am afraid that I will not manage so well as I would wish, no encouragement given to Indians whatever, no ammunition scarcely when Colin Campbell took his departure from this place last spring, only about 1/2 keg of powder & some Ball and shot, what is that among about 70 or 80 Indians besides freemen.  A provision hunt cannot be expected from such a scanty supply of ammunition, ammunition is the article Indians of this place complain of being very scarce.  Indeed, they say if they only had that essential article, they would live very well without other necessities, it is really proving that a sufficient supply of that article cannot be brought into Athabasca, the scarcity of it, subjects the poor Indians to entire starvation.


     I do not know how long I may be in Athabasca, but I long already to see you & Mother & Brothers and sisters, I cannot complain that I am badly off here, far from it, I only mention it to you to show that I do not forget you although distant from you.

I hope you have gone back to Swan River again, your old quarter.  No District in the country like it I think myself, nothing deficient.

If it were in your power to comply with my demand,  I would be very much pleased indeed, the demand is a watch.  I feel the want of it very much indeed, especially in summer when I am alone, as I am now if you could purchase a good one in the country, it would be very well.


     I would be very well pleased if my mother could send me a shot pouch & strings, I would Keep them along time for her sake. I have nothing else to add, but complements to Mother, Brothers and Sisters & accept the same for your self from

my dear father


Yr ever affect' Son

James Todd

From: The National Archives of Canada

28    Reference:  RG15 , INTERIOR , Series D-II-8-b , Volume 1332 , Reel C-14942 , Access code: 90
        File Title:    Todd, James - Concerning his claim as a head of family - Address, St. François Xavier - Born, 1825 at York Factory - Father, William Todd, (Irish) - Mother, Elizabeth Dennett, (Métis) -
                          Married, 1852 to Josephine Deslauriers at St. Boniface - Child ren living, seven (names on declaration) - Children deceased, two - Scrip for $160 - Claim 1643  Finding Aid number:  15-20

From:  The papers of the Palliser expedition, 1857-1860 by Irene M. Spry

Both James and Donald/Daniel Todd are mentioned here: